Propane Users Safety Alert - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 08/29/08

Propane Users Safety Alert


If you're a propane user, think safety first!

The Employee-Owners at your local Ferrellgas propane office urge all propane users who may be affected by Tropical Storm Gustav to prepare their indoor and outdoor propane systems for possible damage.

  • If you have to evacuate your home due to a tropical storm, hurricane or flood, turn off the service valve on your propane container and the shutoff valve on all propane appliances.
  • Secure propane equipment, tanks, and cylinders during a severe weather by tying them to stationary objects, or, if time allows it, contact your local propane service center to ask them to move your tank to higher ground.
  • If your propane tank becomes dislodged or you believe there is a gas leak in your home, evacuate your house as soon as possible and contact your local fire department from a safe location.
  • Use extreme caution when returning to your home after a tropical storm or hurricane, and contact your local propane service center to schedule a safety inspection.

For additional propane safety information, or for the contact information of your local Ferrellgas office, visit

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