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Jackson 08/29/08

Hinds County Issues Emergency Proclamation

Hinds County Issues Proclamation of Local Emergency  

(Hinds County, Mississippi) The Hinds County Board of Supervisors has issued a proclamation of existence of a local emergency due to the threat posed by Hurricane Gustav, which has demonstrated the potential to severely impact the entire state according to the current predictions by the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center. 

Hinds County officials have reviewed their Emergency Preparedness Plans and are aware of the seriousness of this storm.  

One of the most important lessons learned after Hurricane Katrina was that there is no substitute for awareness and self-help, especially in the days before a hurricane is predicted to hit.  Now is the time to prepare yourself, your family and your friends.  

Residents should take preparative steps by developing a family communications and evacuation plan and ensuring that key items like bottled water, canned food and flashlights are readily available. 

Non-Emergency Contact Numbers:            

  • Hinds County EOC:  601-960-1476            
  • Hinds County Sheriff's Office:  601-857-2600
  • Jackson Mayor's Action Line:  601-960-1111
  • City of Jackson Debris Removal:
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