Hurricane Gustav Preparations in Jackson Public Schools - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 08/31/08

Hurricane Gustav Preparations in Jackson Public Schools

Jackson Public Schools has provided more than 80 buses and other vehicles and 160 employees to assist with the evacuation of residents from the Mississippi Gulf Coast because of the threat of Hurricane Gustav.

Dr. Lonnie Edwards Sr., superintendent, shared this information during a press conference at 5:30 p.m. today at the Hinds County Emergency Operations Center.

"We are directly involved in assisting with the evacuation as well as making plans to ensure that the youngsters coming to our city are treated with dignity and respect," Dr. Edwards said. "We have sent 80 buses to assist with the evacuation along with several other support vehicles. On behalf of the School Board and administration, I would like to say that we in Jackson Public Schools stand ready to assist in every way possible as long as these young people and families are in Jackson."

As a part of its emergency preparedness plan, the school district also has:

  • Filled the gas tanks of the buses remaining in Jackson
  • Made sure the district's fuel tanks are filled by it suppliers
  • Checked generators and back-up power supplies
  • Began additional monitoring of sites by operations staff for any possible power failures or damage incurred from the hurricane and related bad weather
  • Fueled food service vehicles and alerted food service staff to monitor refrigeration equipment in the cafeterias

The district is also monitoring the overall weather situation closely in the Jackson area and will keep parents informed should there be a need to close school.


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