McCain and Palin Observe Mississippi Gustav Preps - - Jackson, MS

Pearl 08/31/08

McCain and Palin Observe Mississippi Gustav Preps

By Jon Kalahar

Likely Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain and his chosen vice presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin made a quick trip to Mississippi Sunday.

At the request of Governor Haley Barbour, McCain and Palin got a first hand look at the state's preparation for Hurricane Gustav.

As Mississippi readies for Gustav, the state's Emergency Operations Center took a brief break to welcome Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin.

With Governor Haley Barbour, the pair sat in on a briefing with President George Bush as well as the governor's of Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.

Barbour said the gulf region is ready.

Governor Barbour  said, "We've done everything we can do, that doesn't mean some things won't go wrong if there's a major disaster, but we're locked and loaded."

McCain said the need will be great after the storm, but he expects the country to rise to the challenge.

"Action to help our fellow citizens in this time of tragedy and disaster.  Action in the form of volunteering, donations and the reaching out of our hands and our hearts and our wallets to the people who are under such great threat," said McCain.

Barbour and McCain agree lessons have been learned since Katrina, but a lot is still unknown about Gustav and a lot is still left to be done.

McCain said, "The communications capabilities are dramatically improved, but quite frankly the communications capabilities are still not at the level we want them to be."

McCain also will change plans for the Republican National Convention, saying until more is known about what will happen, it's going to be hard to celebrate.

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