Talk Back 3: A Big Thank You - - Jackson, MS

Lincoln County 09/03/08

Talk Back 3: A Big Thank You

Barbie and WLBT, I just wanted to write an email to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has helped bringing the news/weather to the viewers, I dont know how you guys can stay up all nite but I do thank you for ALL your hard work and making sure the viewers know what is going on. I live in Lincoln County and I will do my best to go out tommorow and see what kind of damage there is around here and see to take pictures, I did hear that there were 2 houses around my area that had a tree fall on their house and we had a TON of limbs in our yard and yard is flooded. But thank you again for staying up late and giving the coverage that we need to know.

Heather Jordan

Loyd Star

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