More Damage As Gustav Moves On - - Jackson, MS

Natchez 09/04/08

More Damage As Gustav Moves On

By David Kenney

It was the final remnants of Gustav that sent a final blow to the Natchez area.

High winds toppled trees throughout the city Wednesday night, residents narrowly escaping injury.

"I had no idea it was coming in when all I knew it came down the side of me, I was in the bed asleep when it did I tell you what I had a gun pointed in my face, and I wasn't that scared," said Robert Jones.

A giant pecan tree smashed the kitchen in Jones house on Claiborne street, and tore through the roof on another.

Several streets remained blocked by down limbs, creating problems for utility crews, still working to restore power.

Tempers were hot and so were residents at the Carpenter School Home for the Elderly and Disabled, without power now for 4 days.

Dionni Hayward whose parents are residents says, "I just wanna know how to get these people some help, get some power on, I don't know what to do."

Heavy rains caused numerous mudslides on Martin Luther King drive north of town.

Residents stuck with cleaning up a huge mess caused by mother nature, but thankful no one was seriously hurt.

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