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Green Footprints LLC

Green Footprints LLC


Green Footprints LLC

List Expenses:

The permaculture approach can work within a wide variety of budgets.

Type of Project (Air, Land, Water, waste or energy efficiency):

Permaculture is a wholistic design approach to living sustainability.  Through adopting sound ecological principles and techniques, permaculture ensures clean air, land, water, waste reduction and reuse, and energy efficiency.

Name of Group: 

Green Footprints LLC

Number of Persons in Group:


List the Goals of the Group Project:

To train people in the principles and techniques of permaculture.  To creae a permaculture demonstration site in Vicksburg.  To re-design urban and rural areas to facilitate sustainable living.

What are the benefits of your Project:

Permaculture has myriad benefits for individuals, communities, and the local and global evnironments.  These benefits include waste reduction, energy efficiency, provision of an abundance of basic human needs, and a healthy, beautiful and stimulating natural environment in which to live.

What have you learned from your Project:

We have learned how to utilize permaculture to maximize the productive potential of land in Mississippi.  We have learned how to minimize damage fro merosion and utilize storm water for passive watering systems on properties.  We have learned what productive animals are best used in backyards in Mississippi.  We have learned how to live well with minimal energy use and we have learned how to teach permaculture to a wide demographic range of people in the South (from school kids to retired gardeners).

List Materials Used:

We utilize renewable or salvaged matierisl wherever possible.  Most of our resource are conceptual and living.

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