COPY-Woman, 7 Children Lose Their Home - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 09/11/08

COPY-Woman, 7 Children Lose Their Home

By Cheryl Lasseter

Claudette Nolan has lived a house on Eminence Row for seven years.  But it's now in foreclosure, and on Thursday she's getting evicted. 

"I paid every month.  Every month.  I didn't miss no months, I have the receipts to show," she says.

Hinds County Sheriff's Deputies facilitate the removal of her belongings, piling it onto the back of a pickup truck.  A representative of Jim Walters Homes looks on; that's the company seizing the home.

Nolan is a person with special needs.  She lives in the home with seven children.

"Most of them are special education, they need special care," says Sonya Murphy with Mississippi ACORN. 

Murphy says she's been trying unsuccessfully to negotiate the issue with Jim Walters Homes.

"This has been a recurring thing with Jim Walters, not willing to negotiate with families," Murphy says. 

Documents reveal Nolan had been receiving warnings about foreclosure back in 2007.

"She was behind two mortgage notes.  She attempted to get caught up by sending certified checks by registered mail.  They refused to accept her payments, sent the money back to her," Murphy says. 

It appears Nolan made a few partial payments last year.  A letter from Robinson & Holmes Law Firm in McComb states the partial payments started in August of 2007.  But a receipt provided by Nolan shows a full payment of $700 on August 1 for a $696 house note.

The mix-up is unclear, but WLBT News is told Jim Walters Homes now wants a $20,000 payment to keep the home in Nolan's name.  The payment would include late fees and attorney fees. 

Attorney Stewart Robinson says our news crew is only getting one side of the story, but he said he couldn't discuss Nolan's payment history with us without a written release from her.

ACORN is working with other social agencies to find a place for Nolan and her children to go.

If you can help, call Acorn at 601-360-5123. 


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