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City of Ridgeland : Public Works Department

City of Ridgeland


Reducing Solid Waste in Ridgeland

Type of Project (Air, Land, Water, waste or energy efficiency):

Air, land, water, waste and energy efficiency

Name of Group:

Public Works Department of the City of Ridgeland

Number of Persons in Group:

Approximately 58 employees

List the Goals of the Group Project:

To reduce the amount of solid waste

To increase the amount of recyclables

To preserve land, protect air and water quality, reduce waste adn save energy

To educate citizesn about recycling

To encourage citizens to keep their community clean

To properly dispose of solid waste and household hazardous waste

Additional Information on your project (Optional):

Description of Project:

The City actively promotes recycling and the reduction of solid waste among its citizens, its businesses, its schools and city facilities. Recycling education is provided through a city magazine that is mailed to every household, through the city website, and through direct contact with neighborhood organizations. Digital billboards display a recycling ad for Ridgeland on a periodic basis. With a new recycling contract, the City was able to offer recycling of more types of materials than ever before. Households in Ridgeland may recycle beverage cartons and boxes, glass bottles and jars, plastic tubs and lids, printed paper of all kinds, polystyrene foam packaging, plastic bottles, jugs and jars, boxboard cartons, and cardboard boxes.

Great American Cleanup, a program of Keep America Beautiful, is promoted in Ridgeland through a week-long event called Spring Cleaning Week. Banners, posters, flyers, emails, website and other forms of publicity are used to promote the cleaning of private property and the proper and safe disposal of solid waste and recyclables. At the end of Spring Cleaning Week the City sponsors a Household Hazardous Waste Day. This is a designated day when residents may bring hazardous waste to a collection site. The City coordinates with hazardous waste disposal agencies and approved companies to assist with the safe disposal of hazardous materials. Both events are directly promoted to neighborhood organizations throughout the City by the Community Awareness Committee through members' efforts, a special meeting with neighborhood representatives, and by flyers and emails from the City.

The City encourages the public schools to recycle by providing dumpsters at each school and promoting their "Gone Green" recycling program in the City magazine. The schools follow the Go Green Initiative that teaches students personal responsibility and sets recycling goals. Each classroom in each public school in Ridgeland actively participates in the program. Businesses and apartment dwellers have the opportunity to recycle using recycling dumpsters at two fire stations in Ridgeland. Thus, everyone in Ridgeland has the opportunity to recycle.

The City has implemented its own recycling program at all of its facilities. It is making a significant difference in the amount of solid waste generated by City employees. For example, approximately 90% of the waste generated at City Hall is recycled. In addition, public property such as city streets, parks and public buildings are kept clean with the regular collection of litter. Street signs are posted throughout the City discouraging residents and visitors trom littering. The City's Beautification Committee educates citizens about cigarette litter and its negative impact on the environment through the City's magazine and website. Solid waste is regularly collected from city streets and disposed of properly to keep the City clean. The Public Works Department of the City of Ridgeland administers the solid waste and recycling programs, Household Hazardous Waste Day, and street cleaning.

What are the benefits of your Project:

The simple effort of recycling results in long-term benefits for the entire community and its energy resources, water, land, air, wildlife and plants.  Solid waste is reduced and recyclables are increased in teh City of Ridgeland due to the programs of the City's Public Works Department.  Citizens are learning about recycling and participating through their residential recycling collection, schools, and businesses.  The City of Ridegland is setting an exampel for businesses, organizations and other groups.  Streets are cleaner and littering is controlled throug hthe Public Works Department's clean-up activities.  The proper and safe disposal of household hazardous waste is made convenient for citizens of Ridgeland, making for a cleaner city and protection of the natural environment.

What have you learned from your Project:

Recycling makes a differenc in protecting our natural resources and it is a simple matter of learning a new habit.  An individual can just as easlity place an item in a recycling bin as a trash receptacle.  An accumulation of individual effors adds up to a lot of solid waste reduction.

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