Talk Back 3: Wicker for Senate- Smear commercials - - Jackson, MS

Vicksburg 10/17/08

Talk Back 3: Wicker for Senate- Smear commercials

Subject: Wicker for Senate- Smear commercials

I have been in the St.Domonics Hospital with my husband who had surgery for the past week. We, of course watched our favorite tv channel- WLBT- 3.   There is a new commercial that came on while several doctors & nurses were in our room..  It is about  someone standing at a desk and accepting money from special interests groups - to indicate that Ronnie Musgrove is accepting monies from these groups to do their bidding when he gets to Congress...or so I think it said- because ALL of the doctors and nurses began to object rather loudly to this commercial being so radical, and misleading and in very poor taste.   One even said- that is exactly why I am not voting for Wicker.  & we also agree.

Is this all Wicker has to offer in defense of why we should not vote democrat- for Musgrove?  He must be getting desperate!! I watched their BIG so-called debate....and noticed how few of the questions that were actually answered by either of them- most of it was- the blame game- ... but this commercial to which I refer to should be banned from the air... I know you can't do that..they are paying for the air time... but that is our opinion.

Throw this JUNK off the air!!

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