Talk Back 3: Pit Bulls - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 10/22/08

Talk Back 3: Pit Bulls

I am owned by an amazing 3 year old Pit Bull that was rescued out of a horrible situation. She is now living the good life and is THE BEST dog me and my family has ever had. She is great with my 2 kids and my Chihuahua.

I cannot imagine my life without one of these gentle softhearted goofballs.

I am sad that this news station is reporting on the entire breed like they are monsters.

What you should do is go down to a shelter and spend time with any of the Pit Bulls there.

Walk down to a cage that has a Chihuahua, then go down to the cage that has the Pit and see which one bites your hand and which one licks it. Then come back on here and report some real facts!

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