Talk Back 3: We Are Sad (Pit Bulls) - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 10/22/08

Talk Back 3: We Are Sad (Pit Bulls)

I am sending a sincere request from the bottom of my heart to please think about how you report issues about Pit Bulls.

Some people on this news station are attacking this breed without even personally knowing a family Pit Bull.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to convey to one that has never known a "Family" Pit Bull how sweet and loving they are.

PLEASE, take a few minutes to look at my Pit Bull and her videos with my Chihuahua, and tell me she is vicious.

When people say that ALL Pit Bulls are vicious it makes my dog, and other family Pit Bulls look horrible.

She is a part of my family, and it hurts me, my husband and my children very bad that you allow people to say all the negative things that have been being said about the breed on your news station.

Pit Bulls do what their owner makes them do, and they are not born vicious!

That's a fact.

At the bottom of this email I will provide you with some links to research the breed.

Whether you love them or hate them you owe it to yourself to learn the truth.

Here are links to my videos of my sweet Pit Bull.

Please watch them!

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