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Jackson 10/24/08

Local business falls victim to a rash of burglaries

By Monica Hernandez

JACKSON, MS (WLBT)- A Jackson auto supply store has been burglarized five times since September 15th. The latest break-in was Thursday night. 

Each time, the criminal smashes a door or window of Ryan Auto Supply in downtown Jackson. Charlie Murray, vice president of Ryan Auto Supply, put bars on the doors and installed alarms, but apparently, that didn't deter the criminals.

"The only way to make it up is just by continuing to do more business, but there's no way to make up the damages, it's just a total loss, you just have to chalk it up as a loss and go forward," said Murray.

This is the first time Ryan Auto Supply has experienced a rash of burglaries since it moved to it's current location two years ago.

Murray estimated that at least $15,000 in merchandise has been stolen over the last month and a half. And he's started a collection of concrete blocks that have been thrown into his business. He's hoping he doesn't have to add to it.

"I do not like the idea of barring the place up, making it look like a jail, but sometimes, you don't have any alternatives," said Murray.

Jackson police are investigating previous burglaries with similar break-ins to see if they can identify a suspect. So far, no suspect has been named, but police believe all the burglaries are connected to one person or group of people.

"We're going to work with [Murray] for every possibility to get a solution. Most of all we want to apprehend the suspect, because if they're not hitting this business, there's the possibility they'll be hitting some others," said Commander Jesse Robinson, of Jackson police precinct 2.

According to Jackson police, this isn't part of a trend in the area. Police said the business is an easy target.

"From a criminal point of view, where it's located, at night, this area is pretty dead," said Robinson.

Police plan to increase patrol in the area and are watching for the stolen goods to surface.

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