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Family Plan

Family Plan

Update your family plan every year before hurricane season. Everyone should have a role in the plan including children. List the following vital information now for your family plan. 
  1. Where will we go if we need to evacuate, and have I made the appropriate arrangements?
  2. Have I notified my out-of-state contact of our plans?
  3. Does a member of my family require life support equipment and if so, have I made appropriate arrangements? (oxygen,uninterrupted power, etc.) Pre-register with your county office of Emergency Management for a Special Care Shelter.
  4. Have I made arrangements for my pets if my family evacuates?
  5. If I have a boat, have plans been made to secure it?
  6. If I stay, what preventative measures will I take to safe guard my home?
  7. Has window protection (shutters or ½” plywood) been purchased?
  8. Have valuables and important papers been copied and placed in a waterproof bag and put in a safe place? Where?
  9. Has a safe room been identified?
  10. Have I already purchased my survival kit supplies?
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