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Hurricane Dangers

Storm Surge: By far the number one killer in a hurricane is the storm surge. It is a rise of water level that starts gradually and increases rapidly as the eye approaches. A surge can range from a few feet to 25 feet, depending on the storm’s strength.Winds: A major threat inland is the high wind of a hurricane.  A doubling of wind speed increase the destructive force by four times. Shallow rooted trees can be blown down well inland from the coast. Even if the hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm, flying debris can be hazardous.

Inland Flooding: Even tropical storms and depressions can cause flooding, especially if they move slowly. A typical hurricane produces 5-10 inches of rain in a 100-150 mile zone along its path.

Tornadoes: Some hurricanes trigger tornadoes as they make landfall. They’re most common far to the right of the storm path on the outer edge of the high winds.


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  • Hurricane Tracker

    Hurricane Tracker

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