Musgrove Concedes Late To Wicker - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 11/05/08

Musgrove Concedes Late To Wicker

By David Kenney

Loaded with personal attacks in ads, it's being described as one of the hardest fought races in Mississippi's recent history.

Until Wednesday morning, Ronnie Musgrove did not agree that Roger Wicker had been declared winner of the senate seat vacated by Trent Lott. Wicker won with 55 percent of the vote.

Just after ten, Senator Elect Roger Wicker took the stage thanking supporters on a hard fought victory. That after a phone call to the Musgrove camp, to see if they were ready to concede.

"We spoke to this campaign, and said we felt based on the timing of senator McCains remarks and Obamas remarks and they said they understood, but didn't feel that they should concede at this point," said Wicker.

Musgrove finally conceded Wednesday morning, holding a press conference at his campaign headquarters shortly after calling his republican opponent.

Musgrove explained why he waited saying, "There were a number of major precincts that were out, the race had started to be called but there were a lot of affidavit and provisional ballots of which we just didn't know the number a the time." 

Wicker says he will focus on protecting conservative values, the rights of workers, veterans and unborn children while in Washington. After a campaign full of personal attacks, he's also ready for bipartisan cooperation, working under a democratic administration.

Wicker says, "We need to work together to get our nation back on the right track and to do so I believe that's going to take following conservative principles, we will probably have a debate about that."

Senator-Elect Roger Wicker says he will immediately begin collecting members for his support team in Washington.

Ronnie Musgrove plans to spend time with family, and take some time off.

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