Mothers Against Drunk Driving - - Jackson, MS

November 25, 2008 Jackson, Mississippi Updated 3:08 p.m.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

By Bert Case - bio | email

Mothers Against Drunk Driving says alcohol related deaths have been reduced 40% since MADD was formed in 1980.  They are not satisfied with that and want drunk driving eliminated altogether. 

They held their annual news conference in Jackson Tuesday in an effort to crack down on drunk driving during the holidays.  Hinds County Sheriff-Jackson Police Chief Malcolm McMillin was there to remind everybody that his officers in both Jackson and Hinds County will be out in force during the holidays and will be happy to give you a ride if you drive drunk, but he warned, "you won't like the destination." 

The mothers want you to  put a red ribbon on your car's antenna to show support for their cause.  You can get one at any Car Care Clinic Jet Lube location in the Jackson metropolitan area. 

A 51 year old letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, Luann Moore of Florence was at the news conference.  She lost her left leg in 2001 when she was hit by a drunk driver on Highway 27 out of Georgetown.  She wants to warn people who drive drunk of the permanent damage they can cause.  She gets around very well on her $60,000 computerized artificial leg.  As she puts it, "I've been going on just like I always have, it ain't growin back, so I just make the best of what I've got."

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