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Tips and Tricks



The photographers of WLBT have decided to help you make your home videos look a little more professional. Here are just a few tips that can make a world of difference:

1. When shooting, remember that wider is better. Always try to get as close to the subject as possible, so that you don't have to zoom across the room. When the lens is at its widest angle, any small shakes or vibrations will be less visible, saving your viewers from getting sea-sick.

2. If you are planning to edit your video after you shoot it, find your shot and hold it for about ten to fifteen seconds. If you have to move, or just want to get a little creative, remember to make your motion smooth and slow. If you are planning to do one continuous shot for the entire video, plan your moves ahead of time and make them slow and smooth. Remember, if you are zoomed in, it not only magnifies your shot, it also magnifies any motion. This means that a slow pan in the wide angle mode can look like a blur of motion in the telephoto mode.

3. Always pay attention to the lighting in the area you are shooting. Notice if the light is directly overhead, or behind the subject. This is not always avoidable, but often times, something can be done to work around the bad lighting situation. Also remember that outdoor light is much more blue in color than indoor lights. When shooting next to a window, it is very easy to make your subject rather "Smurfy."

 4. Take a look at how you frame your shots. Does your subject have enough room on each side of the screen. For example, if your subject is looking or moving to the right, then you want to have a little extra space on the right side of the screen to accomoate the motion.



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