Country music star rallies for trail - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 02/12/09

Country music star rallies for trail

Mississippi native and country music legend Marty Stuart stopped by the state capitol Thursday morning. 

He's supporting efforts to create a Country Music Trail across the state. It would be similar to the Blues Trail, providing tourists structured tours of historic sites and performance venues.

Artists like Marty Stuart, LeAnn Rimes and Faith Hill all got their start here. Stewart, who's from Philadelphia, says our state is actually the birthplace of all American music.

"It's country music's time," said Stuart. "It's a story that everybody loves across the world and across the globe."

"The fire has been lit. I hope it goes through," said Stuart. "Because the world is waiting to come see us in Mississippi."

The Senate has already passed the Country Music Trail bill. The legislation is now headed to the House.

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