Mayoral candidates appear at Millsaps College - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 03/10/09

Mayoral candidates appear at Millsaps College

By Roslyn Anderson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Eighteen Democrats, Independents and Republicans are running for Jackson mayor.

Nine candidates participated in a panel discussion Tuesday night at Millsaps College and answered questions from citizens.

Jackson residents and students gathered at the Ford Academic Complex Recital Hall to hear from the nine men and women running for office.

The audience also stood at microphones to ask the candidates about plans for the city.

The participating candidates were Robert Amos (I), David Archie (I), Dorothy "Dot" Benford (D), Marschand Crisler (D), John Horhn (D), Harvey Johnson (D), Robert Johnson (D), Brenda Scott (D) and Rick Whitlow (I).

Their answers from the audience on the issues they would first address included tackling crime, a complete review of the city finances and improving the streets and infrastructure.

They each set forth their plans for the office and had a minute 30 seconds to respond to questions.

"We have a lot of choices, and I just want to hear what they have to say. We definitely have pressing issues as far as crime is on everybody's mind, infrastructure, economic development," said Association of South Jackson Neighborhoods president Genny Seeley.

"Crime is still a major issue. It was when we had the last elections and it's gotten worse. It's out of hand, and I believe that's one of the issues that will limit future prosperity," said Beverly Johnson of Jackson.

Millsaps College and its student organizations sponsored the mayoral panel.

"We should have an active part of what this city does. We all drive the roads. We all go out here. We all eat here. We all spend money here. We should be an active part of what goes on," said Millsaps Black Student Association president Krystal Frazier.

"I'm always open minded to hear their opinions about different matters. I like to hear how they view the schools and everything around the area because my mom's a teacher," said Millsaps freshman Bryant Voth.

Rapper and community activist Brad "Kamikaze" Franklin was the moderator and is encouraging the students and other young voters to take interest in the capital city election process.

"They live here nine months out of the year and live here for four years of those nine months. That's a huge chunk of their lives. So it's important that young people get engaged and get involved with this election," said Kamikaze.

Candidates were also asked about their plans for improving public safety, recycling efforts, and attracting and retaining existing businesses.

The Millsaps College Political Science Club, the Black Student Association, Young Democrats, College Republicans and the Jackson Progressives hosted the event.  

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